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Rainbow Wand Pictures

Posted in LED, video system on January 19, 2011 by raphaelabrams

I made a batch of about 20 very fancy persistence-of-vision LED display devices for Blue Man Group over the summer. They use a strip of 96 Cree RGB PLCC LEDs in one row. Every group of eight is driven by a tlc5947 chip, which is a 24 channel 12 bit pwm driver. There is a PIC microcontroller running at 40 mips doing IO and communications with a command board and a 4MB flash to store images on-wand.

These things have amazing color. It’s really hard to even come close to showing it in a photo, so I went for a somewhat abstract long exposure technique. They’re so bright I had to take pictures through a piece of tinfoil with a pinhole in it. Essentially I made sunglasses for my camera!

In the bottom left picture you can clearly see a pinup girl (the same one from the top image). That’s just from one swipe. The rest in that image are a close up of a lotus flower, a rainbow, and a picture of a lamp.



Sketchy Name, Rather Decent Service

Posted in video system on May 7, 2010 by raphaelabrams

One of our mini video screens was DOA. got us a new one right away. We are pleased!