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Following will be a load of interesting things not in chronological order.

Posted in electronics, Soft Circuits on January 18, 2011 by raphaelabrams

I have been doing all sorts of fun stuff, but being very lazy about documenting it. Here goes!

Let’s start with a Soft Circuits class that I taught with Catarina a little while ago. We were doing the “voodoo doll” design, where a circuit is activated by having a pin stabbed through it. First is a happy Alexis with what might be a monkey robot. It got stabbed.

There was also a really cute little pillow guy most remarkable for having two eyes.

And finally another cyclops, but this time a bunny!

The trick to getting this circuit to work is to use conductive spandex. Yes, it exists and has it (catalog #A321). It’s expensive, but a little goes along way. The idea is that normal conductive fabric will not heal from a puncture — its metal fibers stay bent. But somehow this stuff springs back, making a good contact with the needle. So to make a needle activated switch you only need two layers of this stuff with a bit of felt separating them.