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Tiny Jacob’s Ladder

Posted in Danger Danger High Voltage, toys on January 21, 2011 by raphaelabrams

OK, not really. But it does make little sparks and I had to do something with the extra bug zapper I had.


Before the dissection. “Not a toy.”

Here’s what was inside, with the addition of my own battery pack and a couple of wires, all glues to a piece of wood. Now it’s a toy!




Shocker Swords!

Posted in Danger Danger High Voltage, electronics, Homeland Security, toys on January 18, 2011 by raphaelabrams

Yes! 800 volts of pure stupid! And they paid me!!!

I used a circuit from an electric flyswatter with the addition of a bleeder resistor on the output. It’s a very simple boost converter with a transformer on it. There’s two primary windings, so the circuit gets feedback. It’s amazing what you can get in Chinatown for five dollars! The full length of the blade has metal foil tape on it, with a channel going down the middle for sparks. The tape is coupled very crudely to the circuit because at that voltage it just sparks anyway. Hit any soft part of a person and they get a nice painful zap! Probably not dangerous? Heh! Heh!