Big heads are, in fact, big.

These heads are big! It’s a little hard to tell, but Dave is inside a puppet head. We’re looking in through an unpopulated eye socket. The mesh on his head is made with that Protoplast stuff from a few posts ago. You can see some of the carbon fiber rods on which the eyelids swivel.


One Response to “Big heads are, in fact, big.”

  1. Hi raphael, your work is very interesting and I share your proffesional interest in animatronics and puppetry. However, i’m a puppeteer frst and electrical animagician second. I too had supplemental “work” doing r and d with the blue man group for many, many years. I’m very new too arduino though. How can i get involved? Perhaps i can help on the puppetry and rigging end. I live in the east village and hope to hear from you and your robot soon…;-)

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