Freeform analog circuit

I finally settled on a circuit for the analog section of the lip syncing circuit. There’s a dual op-amp, a few resistors, two capacitors, a potentiometer and a diode. It was getting to be a hassle to keep it on the breadboard, but we didn’t have time to make printed circuit boards. So I soldered it all together free form. Here’s an air-wire sketch:

Here’s the mostly finished circuit (without the potentiometer) top and bottom.

Finally I encased the whole thing in hot glue. It keeps the parts from bending and breaking, and it’s pretty much waterproof.


2 Responses to “Freeform analog circuit”

  1. Can you explain where in the overall lip sync system this fits into.
    As in – is it to register tone, or volume of the speech, and what will drive the servo from here.
    Many thanks

    • raphaelabrams Says:

      I’m just monitoring amplitude. I used an analog envelope follower, but I think you could do it in software pretty easily. I’m ignoring pitch, as there’s not any useful information in there for such a simple mouth movement. So, the servo position is just a direct function of the amplitude.

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