We’re trying something else!

Now we’re getting somewhere! We dropped the whole mechanical approach to gathering facial movement data. Instead we’re trying to use the sounds themselves as the control.

Step one is to attach a microphone. I found a nice little package with a built in preamp and low impedance output. Oh, and it’s really really small:

See the rectangle with the black dot? That’s it. The rest of that is mostly hot glue and wires that I applied, just so we could get a grip on it. It’s about 1/10″ thick. Thankfully it only has four solder pads so it’s reasonably easy to deal with despite its size.

It’s a Sisonic from Knowles. I think it’s neat-o!

Great! Now we have a decent analog voltage to read into one of the analog-to-digital channels of the AVR chip. All we need to do is read that signal, look for peaks and troughs in the waveform and measure their amplitude.



One Response to “We’re trying something else!”

  1. I had this problem with my accelerometers as well, you may try feeding the signal through a capacitive filter.

    It should help a bit.

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